Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No puppies

No puppies underfoot.
No puppies bothering the big dogs.
No puppies unplugging the television and the lights.
No puppies in the dishwasher.
No puppies.


Robert said...

Ah well, I'm sure the chance to be mother pack leader will come again.

Thanks for sharing the experience!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Now.. don't start thinking "I miss my puppies..." Start thinking about all the woodwork, shoes, rugs, and the hinges of the dishwasher, being preserved for a little while longer.

You've just got to think that a 12 week old Pig in the dishwasher would snap something clean off.

You did attach warning labels to those puppies as applicable... didn't you?

Congrats on being a free woman! Wanna keep the wading pool for the next bunch?

;-) T

Visual-Voice said...

Wonderful chaos, it always comes to an end... and then begins again ~