Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quiet friendship

The dogs and I had a nice visit with Robert of Beginner’s Mind and his family yesterday. We got a little lost trying to find their house, but once there Cassie and Toby were delighted to meet Cain. They romped and played, then snoozed while we ate lunch and spent hours at the local library’s annual book sale. Baby Ethan watched dog antics and human browsing with equanimity—a cheerful baby, the kind that lures young parents into having more.

Blowout extravaganza of cookbooks and gardening books and crafty guides: total price eight dollars. Who says entertainment has to be expensive?


Robert said...

We had a great time, too. Poor Kane mopes around the house now, his misses his new friends so.

When it comes time to till the garden, I may want to borrow Toby to haul out the rocks that inevitably get uncovered by the tiller.

And, thanks again for lunch!

Robert said...

Oops, sorry, that should have been "he misses his new friends so."

Karen said...

Seeing the substantial video collection, I guess I should have known that Kane's name was a cinematic reference rather than a biblical or literary one!