Friday, December 10, 2004

My life with stars and magic

Guidance for today in four versions sparks different responses and a choice as to which to follow. My horoscope from the Burlington Free Press:

You are cheeky, experimental, zany to the extreme. Your attitude attracts the best and the brightest to you.

Wow. I think of myself as boring, generally slightly behind the curve. Academically bright enough, but otherwise wide-eyed and oblivious. But I do agree that my friends are the best and brightest. I choose friends carefully, let them in only slowly.

Another on-line horoscope comes complete with rainclouds depicting both my work life and my love life, then moves into the unusual territory of suggesting that I get professional help. Is this a seasonal offering?

If things get too hard for you, Karen, are you open to seeking out some counseling? Don't let pride or embarrassment get in the way of getting the support you need in your life when things get to be too much. Ever look in the yellow pages under this category? There are literally thousands available. This is because there's a great demand for these services! You're not alone, and the sooner you take care of yourself, the quicker you'll get back on the right track.

Now, really. After seventeen years in New York City, where surely everyone has been to therapy, where the entire city goes a little off in August when the shrinks are out in the Hamptons, this message cannot be for me. I got pushed into the helping professions when I was first divorced.

Now I have my local rent-a-friend, all the more important to me in this period when I still have few close friends in Vermont. She’s a person with whom I can rant about fractious boyfriends, struggles at work, why I’m in such a bad mood for so little apparent reason, even differences in local culture from rural Georgia to New York City to rural Vermont. That is, we could talk about those things if such issues were to arise, and you know, they do. I don’t have the illusion that any of my life problems can be unique, and I do benefit from having other perspectives.

The automated Tarot reading for the day is more appealing with its promise of successful development of friendships and love relationships. Incredible charm, eh? And after a tough week, I could get behind the idea of going with the flow.

Love: Temperance Touchstone: Strength Career: The Hermit
The kindness of Temperance and the power of Strength promise you a successful development of your friendships and love relationships, k. You are radiating an incredible charm, you know how to seduce by being kind and gentle, and you're laying down one card after the other, while smiling all the while. Unless you start getting manipulative with it, this cocktail of attributes ensures 100% happiness! As far as your career is concerned, you feel as if your entourage are much more able to accomplish things than you are. And you're undoubtedly right! Supported by Strength, your colleagues are taking advantage of an energy and determination that you lack today. You are represented by the Hermit, who is encouraging you to do the exact opposite, to let yourself be guided by others, and go with the flow without trying to direct it.

But these are the ones I intend to follow today. I’m not sure whether the Rotary Christmas Auction is exactly the place to “let ‘er rip,” but it will have to do. And I’ll try not to scare off the cuties.

Trying to get into work was tough -- but forcing yourself to socialize tonight certainly won't be. You've been ready for the good times for a while -- so now that they're here, feel free to let 'er rip.

You're feeling good -- maybe a little too good. You'll need to score some humility quickly if you don't want to scare off the cuties in your neighborhood.


Robert said...

Augery and prognostication. And in four flavors, yet. You gotta tell us how it turned out!

Karen said...

Only married cuties at the Rotary Christmas auction--the story of my life! Oops, I'm not supposed to be flippant or cynical. I seldom get good predictions about my life, especially my love life (oops...) from my horoscope, but I often get good insight into the hidden corners of my intricately cross-rigged obscure brain. It's kinda wierd being an electric machine, huh?