Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Writing is Hard Work

Today, I spent time restructuring my NaNoWriMo novel. Up till a couple of days ago, I just wrote straight through my plot, beginning almost to the end, or at least the end I expect. But I have used up most of my outline, and I had written only 20% of the required words. Ouch.

Truth is, that my style can be spare, particularly when I am trying to get a story line laid out, so I’m not really worried. It is a comfort to have spent most of today restructuring what is already written, cataloging what other segments I want to write and even identifying points where my exposition may have gone beyond spare to overly bare. I am still behind the pace, but it was a good day’s work. And I have several chapters laid out that will be pretty easy to hammer out. I think. I hope.

The puppies seem to have grown visibly since yesterday. I weighed them all on the office’s postage scale today, and they are about a pound each. Miss Nell is finally eating well, and she is pleased and proud of her small but numerous family.

12,514 25%

“The eccentricity doesn’t always end in divorce or in jail; often it is highly creative thinking outside any imaginable box. This is story telling at its finest, and when Al runs into these stories, she is thrilled to think that these wonderful people are related to her.”

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Robert said...

Nice to see your NaNo is moving along. I've lost two weeks to hospital related things. Hmm, don't know if I can recover. Glad you are making progress!