Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Social/Political Challenge

Cathy (Sparky’s mom and translator) and her cousin want to understand America. Remember Sparky? ( If you are not tired of voting, you can check out Sparky’s polling booth. Cathy writes:

My cousin in Geneva would like to know why Southerners like George W. Bush. I figured you were better qualified to answer the question than me. Plus you enjoy writing! So, Prof. Lynch, on behalf of my cousin, why do Southerners like Bush?

Uh. I don’t think I can do this alone. I’ll start and maybe you guys can weigh in.

Daddy figure. When 9/11 occurred, as soon as he actually got out of that elementary school, he said, “There, there. I will send troops. I will fix it. It will be okay.” People actually buy that stuff.

The faith thing. In America 70% of people go to church, even if only rarely. They like to think that their leaders go to church. You would think Kerry would get this one, too. Big difference from Europe.

Family values: the dark side. Gay marriage and abortion. Against Kerry, not really pro-Bush. Not views I agree with, but fear-based ideas that are broadly held.

The cowboy thing. “I’ll take on….whatever.” Americans like rugged individualists. Known in some circles as "leadership."

The talk versus the walk. I think tax cuts are a good thing, I like limited government. I hate Bush’s actual, real, verifiable record.

Pretty weak. I never claimed to be a political thinker. Who can help?

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