Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Unfortunately, I have had to enable comment moderation on this blog.

Some little twit of a graduate student inappropriately used comments to solicit participation in her most unwelcome survey project.

I can't imagine the lapse of taste that this woman has displayed--it's on a par with telemarketers calling in the middle of dinner and refusing to go away--but I feel I must put up the defenses in a way I have not had to do in the past. Honestly, I cannot begin to express how annoyed I am with her.

My apologies to my readers.


Beth Clark-Demers said...

I thought it was rude too! I hope the doggies are ok.

I'll e-mail you about dinner soon.


Dan said...

Ah, well, the world catches up with us, no? A friend said to me: "the internet is the world; you can find anything there." So there is good, there is bad. In the end, a mirror. Personally, in the milder climate of western Washington, I am welcoming the Spring and thinking of friends who, like me, like you, keep going. Not long ago my exwife's cat, used to be mine, sat too quietly and unmoving. For a variety of reasons, I ended up taking the cat to the vet accompanied by my almost 16 year old daughter, worried about him. The cause? Gastric distress. The bill? $450 and a recommendation for baby gas-x. Ranger is better now, and the blossoms of the cherry and now rhododendron come forward as always, little explosions of light and color, no matter what else is happening. The invasions of all that stuff that gets to me recedes when I think of the one thing going right: the cat is better. He's a good cat. Really, who could ask for more?

Mouse said...

Annoying but a sad fact of life
When I started my blog a bully from the company for whom I worked discovered it and posted a very spiteful comment that left me reeling for days
On reflection I think I should have published it along with her name, phone number and address
That's the way to beat them