Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Making hay while the sun shines

The wettest May since eighteen-ninety-something relented with the gift of a sunny weekend, so we all headed out to cut the knee high grass. Hard work! Doubly hard on a holiday weekend, when we all feel we ought to be remembering or barbecuing or both.

When the grass is this tall and lush, it is slow going—take two steps and back up, stop and let the blades clear. Do a chunk and take a break. Normally it takes me three sessions to cut my lawn, trisected into manageable parcels. This time I did the toughest parts first—six hours so far—and I am about two thirds done. Maybe this afternoon...if the sun is still shining...I will finish the remaining hard patch in the back and the easy one in the front. Then I can plan to do everything over again this weekend and be back to summer norms.

I am toying with dramatically decreasing the size of my garden this year, probably just putting half or more of it into green manure. With the aid of the grass, the garden keeps me tied to home all summer long. I’m thinking I may get out more this summer. See a little more of beautiful Vermont.

Besides, the mice ate big holes in my hammock.


David St Lawrence said...

I didn't know that mice enjoyed hammocks! I enjoy your writing and see that some of my local bloggers visit your site.

I was searching through last years email (something that gmail does very well) and saw our correspondence about dragging a county kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Are you still associated with Lamoille Economic Development Corporation?

Marci McC said...

why would anyone willingly want to
join the 20th century. And why
come to Vermont to do it/