Monday, January 16, 2006

Radical redesign

Why not radically change the way you behave toward others, dear Leo? You are in the process of orienting yourself toward establishing relationships that are more fraternal, with far fewer risks involved. This wasn't the case before. When you don't try hard to seduce and impress, your audience claps louder. Haven't you noticed?

My horoscope for January 14, 2006. Sounds right. Don’t know what it means. It is probably worthwhile to stop and think about what I would be like if I were completely different.

If I could, I would be less ruled by moods.

I would be kinder to everyone. (First, I wrote “nicer” but that word has overtones of rigid, brutal social judgment to anyone from the South, intimations that you will do what is good for another person no matter the cost to yourself. I choose a different word and a different rule of life.)

I would have a stronger sense of my own right to my own world and my own decisions. (Less engagement with people who try to further their own agendas without regard for others, more workarounds.)

I would really, really forgive all the old hurts.

I would continue to ask forgiveness for all the hurts I have caused, but I would accept that forgiveness is a gift, not something I am entitled to.

I would stop reaching out to people who see me only as a role, any role. Why can't I stop? Don't I get the message?

I would simplify my life even further, getting rid of more and more excess stuff.
I would find a church again and get involved.

I would dance more.

I would take better care of myself.

Maybe I will. The thought is the first step, then comes prioritization—since I truly believe we can only work on one or two things at a time—then strategy. The queen of behavior mod and a change junkie, I can do many things, but the first step is the radical redesign.

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Robert said...

Are those things you listed really radical?

You seem to be a pretty kind person and - dare I say it - a nice person, too.

At least you don't want to change your writing style, which makes me happy@