Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rocks, hard places and the paths between them

Old dog Max can’t go for long walks any more. And baby Cassandra can’t go far. When October days burst forth in glorious Vermont color, we just have to be outside. We did a walk to the top of the maple grove behind the house—I was dying for a walk myself.

Damn these short days, shorter and shorter until the solstice. Understanding the solar rhythm doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate. Mornings now, the time I would most love to be afoot…those mornings are spent under that high intensity light bulb. I can do anything I want as long as I stay under there for an hour.

Today was just too spectacularly beautiful. We had to—absolutely had to—go for a walk.

As any owner of multiple dogs will tell you, getting a picture of the dogs together is one of those anthropomorphic daydreams. Dogs may love each other dearly, may romp in pairs or trios or more, but they will not be photographed in such dear aggregations.

Ta dah! The playful pair.

Ta dah! Let’s all be shepherds together.

And the ultimate troika. My three loves, captured in a single digital image. Amazing how the tiniest one is the center of the party, even as she trails the big boys. Toby already loves her as plush toy, playmate and partner in cuddles. Max is coming to recognize her qualities, or at least he has stopped snarling.

Postscript. Oh my goodness. She is the worst. She just peed in Max’s bed. The brat.


Anonymous said...

They really know how to express joy our four legged companions don't they. Thank you for the laughter that this post created here. She would have looked soo pleased with herself as the bed began to steam no doubt.Daisy-Winifred

Robert said...

If the rain ever stops, we need to load up our dogs and our babies and go for a romp somewhere. Should have done it last week during the glorious weather. Karen is dying to get out more.

Maybe we'll come visit you.

Jean said...

What a joy. Your dogs are really lovely, Karen, puppy peeing notwithstanding.