Saturday, September 10, 2005

Soft between the ears

Me, not her. I don’t seem to have a thought in my brain other than attempting to get back into the swing of things and looking forward to having a new baby in the house. I am aware that puppies, like babies, are far more interesting to their parents than to anyone else, but I really, really do like her. So please bear with me.

I had to make an emergency Ultralux order a couple of days ago. I used up my full spectrum light bulb growing seedlings in the spring, and I am one of those people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Why does this sneak up on me every year? Wouldn’t you think I would remember what it is like? But no.

No, I wait until I am snarling at everyone I encounter. When the jerk quotient goes up….it usually means there is something wrong with me. When I start craving carbohydrates and dragging from home to work and back, accomplishing little or nothing in either place…there is something wrong with me. And it happens every September, or at least it happens here in Vermont where the days shorten so quickly and the angle of the light teases over the horizon—catch a ray, if you can! Honestly, I think I am a plant. But the light therapy works.

And a couple of hours in the sunshine playing with nine little German Shepherd puppies, that’s pretty effective, too. I annoyed them all today by cutting toenails (180!), but except for Cassie, they forgave me. First skirmish in the battle of wills.

Eighteen little ears are pointing every which way, not quite ready to stand up, but getting there.


carlakeet said...

I've said this before but it bears saying again, and again: Awwwww!! Love the pictures of Baby Cassandra and her siblings and their mama! Nothing like warm, cuddly, mammalian loving creatures to get you through most anything, such as a Vermont winter! Here's an extra pat for them all, from me (a/k/a, Queen of the Froggies, pro tem.)

Amy said...

Puppies, I love 'em! Good reminder about SAD. It usually hits me mid-October and I snack all day and never feel satisfied. Might try the lights this year. Do they work?

Karen said...

Thanks to you both. As you can tell, I am feeling a bit silly about my puppy-centered world...and she isn't even home yet.

Lights do work, yes. Wierd. I always feel a little like a slacker or an alchemy devotee when I sit under the light for an hour a day...good blogging time...but they work. They keep the people around me from getting bitten.

There is some guideline about how bright they have to be...I forget...but I have a 55 watt Ultralux and that meets the specs.

Robert said...

Golly, I've been so busy with my new baby I haven' had a chance to look around the blog world. Congrats on your new baby!