Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The stars answer back

My horoscope for today seems a stellar response to my most recent rant/query:

It's okay to have a strong opinion about something but it's not okay if you come across as the kind of person who refuses to see anyone else's point of view. If you want to convince others that you know what you are talking about you must first convince them that you are not a fanatic. You won't do that by screaming and shouting.

Well, yes. But as a communications strategy, from time to time I want to say one unexpected, even outrageous thing in a meeting. And then shut up.

As a rabbit, I have to be aware that I thrive on ideas, while others may need more time to digest. As a rabbit, I have to be aware that other people may see me as flighty and disorganized. If only they knew what discipline it takes to manage in a bear's world when you are a rabbit!

Shutting up is another challenge.

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