Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Frightening thoughts

My friend T has a custom mousetrap that works, she swears. You suspend a peanut butter covered spoon above a bucket of water, The target mouse is unable to cling to the swinging spoon, falls into the water, and poof! It’s all over. After some agitation about how exactly one goes about suspending a spoon, I discovered that an open drawer does the trick admirably. Then the question of how to keep the dogs from eating the peanut butter bait arose, and I concluded that if I used enough peanut butter, it would probably be fine.

Sure enough, I get up in the morning and there is still peanut butter….but there are no little carcasses floating in the bucket. It’s okay. We can wait out the mice.

Tonight’s full moon has me up in the wee hours paying bills. But as I walked downstairs to yet another bout of hysterical barking, it occurred to me: what if the trap is working? Just because I don’t see any mouse bodies doesn’t really tell me it’s not working. They could be doggie snacks. Eeeeeyooooouck. I hate mice.

On a more cheerful, still unexpected note, I made lime pickles over the weekend. More Indian food. I though I read the recipe wrong, but no, it really did call for a quarter cup of cayenne. I really can’t wait for this one. If the pickles turn out inedible, maybe they will be useful for eradicating mice.

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